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Sean Petersen

Broker / Agent

Sean is a CSUF Alumni and has been in the insurance industry since 2003. He has managed our Dealer Services since 2008.

You can contact Sean at (559) 322-2525 or by email at


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In 2001, New Horizon Insurance Clovis was first opened in Downtown Clovis at Bullard & Pollasky. After outgrowing the Clovis insurance office, New Horizon moved to its main office to Fresno, CA.

Since we have always had a love for the people and the landscape of Clovis, two of our independent agents, brothers Sean and Jeff Petersen, re-opened a location in Clovis in 2012.

The Petersen brothers, who run the Clovis Branch, both started their Insurance careers with New Horizon in the early 2000’s and enjoy being a part of the five offices that are throughout California.

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We are an office that is run with the principles and desire to make our clients happy and satisfied while taking care of their needs.

We strive to make sure that every client receives the best service, rates and coverage possible.

Our Clovis office is managed by brothers, Sean Petersen and Jeff Petersen, who both grew up in the Clovis area and enjoy being part of the community.


Jeff Petersen

Broker / Agent

Jeff entered the insurance industry in 2001 and has been in Sales, Marketing & Management for over 20 years.

You can contact Jeff at (559) 322-2525 or by email at

Come by and visit our new office located between Bullard and Sierra at 325 Clovis Ave. #114 in Old Town Clovis. Call us at (559) 322-2525 for a quote or comparison today!

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